Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Carter Show - Waiting for a New Home

Carter is available for adoption.

This is a letter I wrote to Carter's adopters. He had an adopter but it didn't work out, so he's still available...and you can still get this letter if you adopt him!

Dear Carter’s Adopters,

You’re welcome!

You have just added to your life one of earth’s greatest dogs. I’m not even kidding.

Dog social? Check.

Loves human contact? Check.

Thinks kids are neat? Yep.

Pretty darn smart? When he feels like it, yes!

Pouty face? Definitely!

Ready for play but easy to calm? Yes!

Carter is going to bring you joy. Like, a lot. I’m not talking run of the mill joy, I’m talking capital “J” Joy. He will make you laugh when he chases his own tail. He will bring in the hilarity when he blindly (literally!) runs zoomies around your yard. He will love it if you giggle with kindness whenever he runs into something (it really does make him feel better if you make light of his vision-shortcomings). He will make you sigh contentedly when he curls up in a large dog-donut at your feet. And yes, short-term, you will laugh uncomfortably when he air humps near you. Don’t judge, he just can’t help himself. He’ll get over it, so you can too!

Carter will remind you what it means to be lovingly patient. You will find it hard to be frustrated when he runs into things, because he will still tilt his head to where he thinks your face is and gaze fondly at you. You will chuckle when he bumps into your favourite potted plant for the fifth time in a row, because that is just how he does what he does. You won’t hold it against him, because there is an endearing bumbling childishness to his fumbling through this world.

Carter will teach you all about comfort, because he is into it. And sure, he’ll splay belly up on the patio for a warm sunbath...but that’s because of the sun, not the patio. Carter knows how to take advantage of dog beds, sofas, and human beds. He prefers TempurPedic, in case you wanted to stock each room. Carter does not realize he is 80 lbs and so you might want a King sized bed to share with him. Just a suggestion. When you want to know what it means to enjoy a connection with someone else, scratch him right under his collar. I am pretty certain “heaven” for Carter might just involve a full-time neck masseuse. Probably true for many of us, yes?

Carter may not be young, but he has lots of life to live. He may not see through his eyes, but his heart is clarity embodied. He is gentle intentionally and yeah, sometimes he is going to run into your legs and you are going to just cry. But you know, that’s part of adopting one of the greatest dogs on earth too.

So, thank you. After six months, I have come to know Carter. I love him dearly. I want you to love him dearly too, but I have a feeling you already do...I mean, you ARE adopting him!

Be honoured. Enjoy. Share your world with a really epic dog. He’ll share his with you too. He’s generous like that.


PS: Carter likes his picture taken. You can cc me anytime.  

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