Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Source (granted it's from a MUCH SMALLER earthquake in DC a year ago but still applies)

I complain when it gets below 50 F. And when it snows? I cannot drive in it. I can sometimes play in it. But mostly I'm horrified by its existence in my yard and I never want to leave the house. So I'll call my response to snow the kettle and the response to the devastating east coast "go pick up your lawn chair" earthquake a pot.  

Where were you when your plastic furniture fell over during the Great 'Quake of '11?!?

You east coasters can totes mock me in a few months when I cry on my blog over the cold. For now, though, I mock your response (not you, I love you)!

ETA: As a commenter pointed out, I'm being insensitive. Here are some quake damage photos from a county where one woman may have lost her home and a few historic buildings were damaged. Link. And guess what? There are more news articles on how the animals at the zoo predicted the earthquake than there are on damages to Louisa County. There are 1,500 articles detailing the cracks and dislodged finials of the National Cathedral. There are even more articles on how federal workers missed two days of work because of a miscommunication than there are on how people in the epicenter were scared or recovering from structural damages.

That is hyperbolic. It is an extremely large response to a relatively (RELATIVELY, LOOK IT UP) minor natural disaster. And yes, I mock that response because I think back on other natural disasters that killed hundreds or took down bridges or resulted in expansive, extensive damages and didn't receive this type of hyped up coverage. That is ridiculous and that is the sad state of media affairs.

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