Monday, December 6, 2010

8 Dogs Attack, Only Pit Bull Gets a Mention

Another "mythical" example of media bias. Those who engage in anti-pit bull zealotry would have you believe there isn't a bias in how dog attacks are reported. Anyone who is familiar with journalism, especially 21st "journalism", knows this is bull-crap. There are biases in the media for a whole host of other subjects, why on earth would dog attacks be any different?

In Crawford County, a man was out jogging when he was swarmed and attacked by eight dogs.

Guess which breed is the only one mentioned? Out of the eight dogs, it's only the Pit Bull mix who gets a breed shout out. Yet all eight dogs participated in the attack.

You can see in the video that the woman owns a whole host of dogs, ranging from Labs to Pointers to Pit Bulls to mixed breeds.

The jogger is recovering, and I wish him the best. I hope he does not suffer any permanent physical or emotional trauma from this frightening attack.

And maybe someone can tell this "rescuer", she needs to fence in her dogs, yo.

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