Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed

Hey, for those of you who have a super-strong desire to see never-before-witnessed footage of dogs tearing each other apart, then please - by all freaking means - watch Animal Planet Investigates show on Dogfighting.

I'm tired of this shit. Dog fighting is awful. Awful. All of us have seen the footage, why on earth do we need to see more? Why must we glamorize in ANY manner, shape or form the disgusting, disturbing, morally bankrupt act of pitting two dogs against each other?

From the website: "Featuring HSUS dogfighting experts John Goodwin, Chris Schindler and other team members, the prime-time special takes viewers on nail-biting busts, exploring what is being done to educate and rehabilitate offenders and touching on our work with the Michael Vick case."

Seriously? Excuse my gag reflex.
Nail-biting busts? I don't want to see them. You don't want to see them. They are useless visual tools in getting people to stop fighting their dogs. They don't teach us anything.

Look, I love seeing more shows involving Pit Bulls. Really, I do. But really, I wouldn't mind seeing a Pit Bull show involving people who aren't former felons. I'd like to see a show where Pit Bull rescuers are just pretty average folks working hard to save lives....perhaps that isn't dramatic enough? I don't want to see any more footage of dogs tearing each other apart. Like ever. And certainly not as the crux of a show.

We can't possibly normalize Pit Bulls if we perpetuate their roles as fighters, that they are aggressive in all situations around other animals, that they are only owned and rescued by drug-using felons.


Ashley The CRPS Girl said...

I keep asking why there is no show about all of us "regular" people who own pit bulls. Why is the focus on former felons, thugs and fighters?
One day.

Amanda said...

Well said Renalia!!! Totally with everyone that would simply love some everyday-lovin'-livin'-learnin' pit bull shows. How about some focus on everyday rescue efforts...even for the "boring" dogs who simply showed up at AC without evidence of any former abuse or neglect (other than, ahem, being caught running loose of course, HA!). Or just everyday living, dogs as family members...what, too boring?! Yup. We just can't win, can we?! Bleh. ;)

Crap like that makes me even more happy I don't pay for tv and live within the confines of antenna. Hehe. Even that I should likely leave behind, but I haven't made that leap yet.

Heather Houlahan said...

I'll quibble with your word choice here.

"Former" felon?

A felon is a felon is a felon. You can be a felon who has finished serving his or her sentence, you can be a felon who has transformed into friggin' Mother Theresa, but you are still a felon.

Otherwise, yah, what she said.

Shows like this absolutely perpetuate dogfighting, especially on the asshat-on-the-street-corner level.

Donna said...

Thank you Rinalia.

dog fighting gaga = hot commodity = exploitation

This has to stop.

I'm hoping none of the rescuers allowed their footage to be used for this show (we refused). We're all so over seeing dog torture footage used like porn.

Unknown said...

I agree that it would be awesome to have a show focused on everyday rescuers and owners and families that own bullies and function just like normal folks and normal dogs, but maybe that doesn't sell ? Maybe some of us whose dogs compete in sports, get along great with other dogs, let kids and cats nap on them, you know the real pit bull :)
The only good effect I can see of showing the dog fighting aspect is to target those folks who think pit bulls are evil natural born killers, I think it would do those scumbags some good to see how abused these poor dogs are.
But other than those few whose minds probably wouldn't be changed anyway, yeah I think the rest of us have had enough.

laurey said...

Thanks Rinalia! So well said! I can't stand one more visual of these abusive acts. It's gruesome, and totally inappropriate for any time slot, much less primetime!
I had three pits about 20 years ago and still miss those gentle souls...
My hope is that Animal Planet pulls the plug on this disgusting expose