Saturday, August 29, 2009

Celeste's failed modeling attempt

I don't understand it. Celeste is a perfectly attractive dog and by dog-god, she was an adorable puppy. As you can see in the photo to the right, Celeste was cute and had ridiculous ears and took a good photo. And then. I try to take pictures of her now, ones that show her sweet nature. Instead, all her photos turn out....odd. This is not to say Celeste is sane and normal, she IS actually strange. But her photos always show a crazed look, a strange tooth sticking out, ears that have yet to decide how they want to stand.

But Mina. I mean, where do I even begin. This is a dog who I have failed to photograph poorly. She just shows well. Even when she doesn't, she does. It's amazing, really. People always comment on how pretty she is, even folks who have an aversion to pit bulls coo lovingly when they see Mina. She's got that patchy eye, that pink nose, those PERFECT EFFING EARS, a white-tipped tail, socks and speckles on her belly.

Here is Celeste's most recent photo. It's the only one that turned out decent enough, where she doesn't look too insane. Maybe I'm going to have to pay someone to photograph her because clearly *this* photographer is on a big boat of fail when it comes to capturing Celeste. I swear, she's really not as crazy as she looks. Really. Except she sort of is, but still.

Yeah. I know.

And then Mina wanders past Celeste, I turn around and BAM! this photo:

She doesn't even have to try.

Egad, I love both these dogs so much it's ridiculous.

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