Thursday, November 20, 2008

Arkansas City: A case of the stupid

Arkansas City banned seven breeds of dogs. When a man who has had dog issues threatened to buy a Presa Canario - Arkansas City banned that breed too. Fascinating.

Mayor Mell Kuhn said he realizes that often the real problem with dogs is the owner and not the dog, but he said he feels the city should be proactive and protect the citizens of the city.

If Mayor Kuhn actually realized the problem was with owners, he would not have encouraged a vote to ban seven breeds of dogs.

And is there truly a vicious dog problem in Arkansas City?

Niles said she hears about one vicious-dog case a week. City officials hope to cut down on that number.

It is difficult to cut down on the number one but perhaps dogs with three legs who act aggressive can be considered 3/4 a vicious dog case. Just kidding.

For a town with 12,000 people a vicious dog case a week is hardly anything to panic about. The fact is that a "vicious dog case" could range from dog ate my baby to dog stared at me funny.

I still maintain that most regions in this country do not have a biting dog problem and that while generic "breedless" dangerous dog laws are great...there really isn't a need for them, imo.

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