Saturday, October 16, 2010

You Should Adopt This Dog

I was at the Sacramento SPCA today to teach a Chicken Care Class for the organization I work for (it went great) and because I MUST, I walked through the dog kennels just to say hi. It's a biological imperative whenever I enter a shelter.

And my heart melted. I fell in love about forty different times. Oh gosh, how my heart aches seeing dogs in kennels, seeing them stare imploringly atpassing people.

One girl stood out amongst them all. When she saw me look at her, pop! she was up and ready. All she wanted was to rub against the cage for love. When calm and relaxed, her ears were pinned back like a normal Pit Bull's...and when I started to talk baby talk as I moved away, her ears! Oh, it was a magical transformation - they turn into this

RIGHT? You know you want her!


Let me know if you do it. Because you will become my hero or heroine.

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