Sunday, October 24, 2010

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Dog Attacks

A Cairn Terrier attacked a toddler's face, causing 50 stitches worth of damage. I am almost certain the anti pit bull zealots will claim it was actually the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who did it. Another article with a picture of the mauled girl.

A geriatric German Shepherd was killed after his owner was unable to comply with rules regarding his "dangerous dog" designation, including building fencing and purchasing a dog crate. The dog had escaped and attacked two people.

Two loose dogs, one a German Shepherd, killed a Bichon Frise and attempted to attack a pregnant woman. The dogs owner captured one, while the other was taken by animal control.

A loose German Shepherd attacked two Beagles, nearly killing one.

A police dog "accidentally" bit a jogger running by the leashed dog.

A hunting Beagle loose with a pack during a hunt in the UK attacked a woman.

A Doberman in the UK bit a woman playing soccer.

A loose Bloodhound attacked a couple women and was then shot by police and later euthanized.

A Chihuahua tried to bite off his owner's nose three times.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback in the UK attacked a 3-yr-old girl, grabbing her by the shoulder, lifting her off the ground and attacking her before the owner could get the dog off. The dog had growled at several other children that day.

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