Friday, October 15, 2010

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Rufus, the Bull Terrier most known for his win at Westminster several years ago, continues to be an ambassador for Bull Terriers and Pit Bull type dogs as a therapy dog.

At least five whales have been killed by ships off the coast of California, including one very pregnant female. Experts are now suggesting action be taken...good luck with that, the east coast has the same problems and not only does no one follow the rules, no one is enforcing the rules.

Last year, a Yorkshire Terrier's owner suffered a heart attack. The dog ran from the owner and approached, of all people, a postal employee, barking to get her attention and leading her to his owner. Good dog!

A former deputy in Llano has been indicted for the shooting death of a Pekingese in August.The dog, Munchee, had wandered out of her backyard and was shot and killed by the former deputy on his property. The dog was not being aggressive or dangerous. The dog survived but later had to be euthanized from complications.

Dog Attacks
A German Shepherd in the UK smashed through a garden gate and savagely mauled a Jack Russell Terrier, nearly killing the dog.

A dog described as a German Shepherd was running loose when s/he attacked a woman and her daughter, inflicting multiple bite wounds on both.

A German Shepherd rips off a portion of a man's face when he bends down to pick up a plastic bag. In the UK. Where Pit Bulls are banned. (Oh, but anti-pit bull zealots will probably claim this was actually a Pit Bull b/c only they can cause meaningful damage to a person...guess the poor dude missing a part of his face will have to disagree).

Two dogs described at once as German Shepherds and at another time as Huskies eviscerate a West Highland Terrier, killing him.

A dog described as a Labrador/German Shepherd cross was in a store growling at people. A man is suing the store after he was attacked by the dog, bitten multiple times. When police arrived, the dog charged and was shot five times. This did not kill the dog. He was shot another two times and died.

A Labrador Retriever attacked an infant after the child grabbed the dog's infected tail and tugged.The dog is being killed.

A police dog in the UK randomly attacked a woman on her birthday, leaving her with multiple bite wounds. It took several people to remove the dog from her.

A police dog, a Belgian Malinois, bit a kindergartner on the face and neck during a school meet and greet with the dog. The dog has been "suspended"indefinitely, the victim is expected to recover.

A Lakeland Terrier and a lurcher being walked off lead illegally seriously mauled another dog and the dog's owner. When the Terrier & Lurcher's owner tried to intervene, the dogs mauled him as well. It took several passer-by to stop the attack. In the UK. Where Pit Bulls are banned. THe Lakeland Terrier was ordered killed, while the lurcher must be kept on lead from now on.

A Great Dane mix in the UK has once again been saved from death, even though he's killed more than a dozen endangered wildlife.

A Boxer running loose attacked a woman's two leashed dogs, causing significant bite wounds to the smaller dog.

A Bull Mastiff savagely mauled the estranged wife of his owner, nearly killing her. The man had arrived in a drunken stupor with his dog. The woman started shaking him, demanding why he was there when the dog attacked. She escaped to the garage when the husband followed and opened the door, inciting another attack. Only after 10 minutes of attacking did the husband realize what was happening and hit the dog over the head. The dog was later shot and killed by police.

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