Friday, October 8, 2010

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Trooper, a Pit Bull whose mouth was taped shut and mauled by other dogs, is recovering at a vet hospital. Gets to wear a sweater.

Intellectual honesty on the effects of trials and shows - a provocative post by Retrieverman...what we see as diversity in, for example trial dogs like Border Collies, may be nothing more than a genetic bottleneck and not an indicator of a healthier, more well-balanced dog.

A Labrador Retriever who fell off a 50' cliff is deemed "okay" after he tries to attack the postman.

Dog Attacks
A German Shepherd has been ordered killed for a July attack that cost the life of a Schnoodle. The German Shepherd could not be beat off the dog, even with a hiking stick (must have been a Pit Bull, actually).

An off-leash German Shepherd in the UK (Pit Bulls banned) mauled a Bedlington Terrier and had to be physically wrestled off the dog.

A German Shepherd in the UK bit off the finger of a postal worker.

A Boston Terrier  has been required to be penned at all times and may still face death for an attack that sent a woman to the hospital (initial visit and then re-visit when the multiple bite wounds became infected).

A Labrador Retriever involved in an attack on a person has been spared death thanks to a dog trainer.

A Doberman in the UK who attacked a little boy has been found, thus allowing the boy to avoid rabies treatment.

A Bernese Mountain Dog in Austria bit off his owner's lips.

A mixed breed dog (who is described as a Collie, maybe Border Collie mix?) was being walked unleashed at a playground when the dog bit a young child in the face, causing scarring and permanent disfigurement.

-Marji Beach

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