Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adopt a Bat Today, Be Happier Tomorrow

Truth time - bat dogs make you happy. Although I do not have the time to verify, I am almost certain a scientific study has been done on this very subject. The results? Adopt a bat dog today and be a happier human being tomorrow.

If you live in the Baltimore, Maryland region, adopt a bat dog at BARCS. And if the dog is black, HALF PRICE for you!

This is Shelley, but really they meant Chiroptera. Chi, for short.

Bat-dog Chiroptera is nocturnal, loves eating mosquitoes but hates sucking blood (she's not THAT kind of bat, peoples).

Chiroptera has a tongue as big as her ears so she can hear you with it. Amazing, I know.

Chiroptera is looking for her perfect castle where she may nestle upside down and snore. Gives it to her!

More of a cat person? For shame! Anyways, there are black cats at this shelter who are in desperate need of being saved...from their rescuers!

Check it! Kittens do not DO tulle. I mean, they do, but it's usually during fits of rage and ends in a tulle massacre.

Save this poor kitten from her rescuer, and put her in a more appropriate costume. Like a box. Box-cat. I like it.

During October, BARCS dogs and cats born black or wearing black or channeling their inner black are HALF-PRICE. Okay, just the actually black dogs, but you get what I'm saying.

So if you're in the Baltimore area, drop on by and adopt yourself a bat-eared dog or an evil princess black kitten, and help us get closer to a time when no treatable animal is killed.

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