Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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A German Shepherd (allowed to run loose in a rural area) went missing eight years ago. Luckily, the dog was microchipped and the guardians still reside at their current address so when he was found, the family could be reunited. It's been eight years, but it was a happy reunion.

Topeka has repealed its Pit Bull legislation.

Pit Bulls get bad publicity.

Fighting the past, NY Post article on the former Vick dogs and their new lives.

Dog Attacks
Up to seven of eleven dogs living in a residence attacked and mauled their owner. The dogs are various breeds.

Four mastiffs, living at a residence with a history of dog violations, got out of their backyard and mauled a man for 5-10 minutes in Delaware. The man is in critical condition.

A bull-mastiff jumped over a fence and attacked the neighbor's dog. When the owner interfered, she was bitten, nearly severing two of her fingers.

A loose Great Dane attacked a pregnant woman. No word on her condition.

A Husky who attacked and nearly killed a dog a few weeks ago has a history of attacking other dogs, including one other terrier and a German Shepherd. The dog is still with his owner and no charges have been filed...in the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned.

A German Shepherd in Minnesota mauled a woman's face, ripping off part of her lips.

A German Shepherd/Rottweiler mixed breed bit a child in the face, for unknown reasons. The child had to be airlifted to the hospital but is expected to recover.

An unleashed mixed breed attacked a woman. The dog aimed for her throat and face, but hit the woman's arm when she put it up to defend herself.

A large white, mixed breed dog attacked a 9-yr-old girl, aiming for her face and neck. She was able to stop the attack after she kicked the dog. No one stopped to help during or after the attack. The girl needs major surgery to repair the wounds.

A dog described as a Labradoodle bit a Yolo County city worker. The owner took the dog and left the scene.

A Greyhound in the UK mauled a Jack Russell Terrier cross, crushing the dog's leg and causing irreparable internal organ damage. The dog had to be euthanized.

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