Saturday, October 2, 2010

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A rescued Rottweiler who stopped a sexual attack on a woman received a bravery award from the RSPCA, where he was adopted.

Students raise $1,300 with lemonade sales to benefit local humane society.

Citty Pittie has a good post on how easily statistics can be created to skew the reality of dog bites.

Dog Attacks
A German Shepherd, living in the UK where Pit Bulls are banned, has been ordered muzzled after attacking a woman twice.

A 14-yr-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier was savagely mauled by two off leash mixed breed dogs. In the UK. You know, where Pit Bulls are banned.

A Bull-mastiff, in the UK (see above), tore the lip off a young girl after he freaked out hearing a dog barking on a video game. Oh, but perhaps the girl kicked the dog and THAT is why he bit. My favorite is the grandma wants video games to come with a warning!

A sheepdog attacks a woman.

A Boxer/Bulldog mix attacked a girl as she was riding her bike away from her friend's house, requiring 18 stitches to close the wounds.

A stray, old Labrador Retriever bit a 2-yr-old child.

A dog described as a German Shepherd was running loose in Colorado Springs when he attacked a young girl, biting her several times on the legs. The wounds were not major, thankfully.

Several months ago, a Great Dane - in the UK, where Pit Bulls are banned - bit off the nose of a postal worker, causing significant facial injuries.

A woman is suing the owners of a Labrador Retriever who attacked her after being hit by a car.

The owner of a Great Dane, leashed in a public spot, who bit a man's arm down to the bone will not be prosecuted nor his dog required to be muzzled.

A Labrador Retriever being walked in the UK, attacked and bit a child on the arm, requiring 15 stitches to close the wound. The woman walking the dog left the scene with the dog.

Two Malamutes who had killed another dog a few months ago were let off-leash at a dog park. They killed a 20-lb mixed breed dog within minutes of entering the park.

A German Shepherd attacked a man in the UK, biting so hard that the wound exposed deep muscle and bone.

A small mixed breed dog bit a 6-yr-old child on the thigh, after the owner said he could pet the dog. The owner then left the scene, not bothering to see if the child was okay.

A St. Bernard-Bernese Mountain Dog mix was shot and killed after a neighbor's child climbed over the fence and was attacked by the dog. The girl suffered moderate wounds.

A cattle dog attacked a police officer in Independence, MO - where Pit Bulls are banned - after the dog's owner got into a fight with the officer. The officer went to the hospital for treatment and the dog was confiscated (hey, they didn't shoot the dog, either).

A Landseer inflicted significant wounds on a 10-yr-old girl in Austria.

A woman was bitten more than 20 times by a cattle dog in Tasmania, Australia. The dog was chasing sheep and goats, then got into a fight with the woman's German Shepherd. When she went to intervene, the cattle dog mauled her.

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