Monday, October 25, 2010

Howl-O-Ween - Or How I Torture My Dogs

Before anyone claims I'm showing a bias here, let's start with Celeste and her big fat fail as a honey-bee of lurve.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
You can pretty much tell she is unhappy with the whole situation, but not just a "woe is me" unhappiness...a more SINISTER feeling lurks beneath!

Celeste Hates Halloween
Soo. I kindly asked Mina to refrain from doing cute things, like giving nose kisses to Celeste, and then I tortured her!

I Would Like Honey Now
Mina is perfect as a honey-bee. She is saving the world through cute pollination.

Yeah, try to overcome that level of cute. You can't.

You Fail as a Human
This is Celeste's costume, but she didn't even gets to wear it. Mina does, because she is channeling her inner insect.

Ladybird Mina

My dogs rule.

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