Friday, October 29, 2010

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A really balanced article about Minidoka animal control in Idaho and how it continues to struggle with public perception and trying to achieve a no-kill model. Several shelters are profiled, including a similar shelter that has a similar budget and has reduced their kill rate to 4 animals last year, proving that even government-run shelters in less urban areas can truly be no-kill or extremely low-kill.

"Chupacabras" are really just wild canids, victims of a parasite that doesn't affect humans in a major way, affects some domestic dogs negatively, and can wreak extensive havoc on wild canids and other species.

A Labrador Retriever named Henry helped save his owner's life after the man was savagely beaten. The dog ran from the scene and went home, scratched on the door and led the victim's wife back to the scene.

Dog Attacks
The dog warden in Goshen, NY is angered that a German Shepherd who killed several feral kittens at the humane society was adopted out. The kittens had been brought into the shelter in a dog crate. No cages were available, so the crate was placed next to a dog run until the kittens could be processed. When the dog was walked by, he knocked the crate over, which was apparently unlocked, and ended up killing a few of the kittens. The dog now lives with a cat and two small dogs and has not eaten any of them.

A German Shepherd in the UK was off leash when he attacked a young boy.

A dog trainer has been fined after a training session went bad. The dude was "training" two sheep dogs (Border Collies) off leash when they attacked a young woman. In the UK. Where Pit Bulls are banned.

A wolfhound attacked a young boy after escaping from his yard. The child was hospitalized but is in stable condition.

A Shih-Tsu mix was attacked by an unleashed Bull-mastiff but luckily survived.

A 4-yr-old girl was attacked by a neighbor's Akita while she played at the neighbor's home. The girl spent two days in the hospital.

A Hound Mix allowed to run loose attacked a smaller dog so severely, the other dog's leg needed to be amputated.

A woman is facing misdemeanor criminal charges in relation to the multiple dog attacks her Australian Shepherds have caused.

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