Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

King, a pit bull in Worcester, Massachusetts decided to make a valiant leap into a stranger's car.

I had this happen once. I was nine, the dog was a Golden Retriever. The car contained a sleeping woman and then it contained a screaming woman and a 70 lb dog. It was then that I handed the leash to my dad, walked across the street and refused to be seen with such an unruly beast.

Back to King. Here's what's wrong with this picture: Dog is loose. Dog has no collar or id tag. Another picture shows him being led by the owner's shorts to his home.

The article mentions the city council had tabled a proposal requiring dogs to be confined on private property by a fence or leash. Which is not pertinent to this issue, as the dog was off his property- it's illegal for a dog to roam loose, according to their municipal code. It's a $50 fine, yet all the animal control officer appears to do is, you know, pet the dog. Which is fine, but I wish all parties involved (excluding the driver) would take this a bit more seriously (perhaps the article left some stuff out).

Photo credit: T&G Staff Photos / STEVE LANAVA


EmilyS said...

hmm.. what's wrong with this picture? ACO is caressing, not shooting, wayward pit bull


PoochesForPeace said...

That guy doesnt have very good petting manners. He's hovering and leaning over the dog.

Ana-Maria said...

Nice dog!