Monday, December 28, 2009

Madison County Humane Society - Creative Fundraising

An adoption counselor for the Madison County Humane Society in Indiana has been in lock-down at the shelter for the past twenty days to help raise funds for the small, nonprofit shelter.
The original goal was to raise $10,000 in a month. So far, in the first twenty days, the shelter has raised $22,000!
Now, I think this is very creative fund-raising and obviously effective in the short term. I hope the shelter is able to retain fiscal solvency in the long term.
If you are in Madison County, IN, visit the shelter and adopt an animal! There are some cute Pit Bulls, Labs, Boxers and floppy-eared Hound-dogs. There are also cats, if you are a cat person. Or, if you would like to support the shelter through a financial donation, click here and then click on the donate button. This is not my endorsement of the shelter, and I'll assume you'll do your due diligence when it comes to your own money.

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