Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiny rooster is tiny

Killer is smallThis is Killer. He is a Dutch bantam, a true bantam, no frills, no mid-sized nonsense, he's less than 1.5 lbs and proud of it.

The hen behind him is a smallish Rhode Island Red (a Rhodie I calls 'em). She weighs maybe 3 lbs.

Killer is probably about 10-12 years old. He's lived at the sanctuary since he was about a year of age, a dump off at a shelter.

He earned his name for the way he kills people dead. Hens can beat this guy up, roosters don't even bother what with his inability to even kick the ankle of a normal sized roo. So he takes all of his frustration at being the lowest-ranked rooster out on us humans.

People think he's adorable (he is). They love it when he rushes over and begins to pick up dirt pieces, moving himself squarely in front of unsuspecting bipeds. He'll pick up pebbles, drop them, pick them up, drop them. And then he will wait until you walk by him and swoop in for the kill.

Now, rarely does he cause any physical harm. But three years ago, when one of his spiky spurs (they stick out up on the leg and are used in fights) got accidentally sharpened, he gouged an inch-sized scratch down my leg. Ouch! However, it pales in comparison to the time I got bit by a pig. That story is for another time, though.

If you visit the sanctuary, I will pick Killer up. He's easy to catch, and he becomes hypnotized when held. You can even scratch his neck and, for one brief moment, he'll forgive all humans their trespasses (for being tall and all). Savor it, for when I put him down, he'll try to kill you.

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Cait said...

Sorry, Killer. You're just TOO FREAKING CUTE.

I love bantie roosters. :P