Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is a very rare Guinea Pig x Rabbit cross.

Guinea Pig Rabbit Hybrid Oscar
I kid. He's really a rabbit and his name is Oscar. Here he is being sleepy. I cannot say this is *my* rabbit, because Oscar is no one's rabbit. His current residence is the sanctuary with 24 other rabbits.


Nichole said...

Having recently rescued a rabbit, I have never appreciated how funny these little guys can be. Our rabbit has his favorites (banana and strawberries) and his friends (our pit bull and him are best buds). He amuses me greatly.

Rinalia said...

Nichole - Rabbits are pretty neat. If I had the space and lacked a super predatory dog, I'd have rabbits again. I'm glad yours gets along with your dog!

Retrieverman said...

I love reading all of this "industry" nonsense about how European rabbits are solitary.

I don't know how well that line goes in Europe, where these animals live in large colonies, but in America, people will tell you that rabbits are solitary and never put two in the same cage!

Of course, they do squabble a bit when sorting out their heirarchy, but they are really social animals.