Monday, December 21, 2009

Tell Me Where it Hurts - Nick Trout

Dr. Nick Trout is a surgeon at Boston's Angell Animal Medical Center. He combines decades worth of stories into "one day", which I suppose emphasizes the fast-pace and crazy nature of his work (for some readers, it will just leave you wondering when Trout ever sleeps).

I think most people will either love Trout's writing or find it too much. He is an adjective-lover, wordy, descriptive. I like that style of writing, so I wasn't put-off by it.

The book felt disorganized, Trout bringing up topics (like death and loss) in later chapters even while spending lengthy time in previous sections on the subject. Books that are not in a cohesive, understandable order are generally hard for me to get through, but Trout's voice, which is sarcastic, funny, gentle and insightful kept it together.

Trout is a man and, as such, is sharing this world through his, unique eyes. And I have to admit, sometimes I found it a bit sexist or inappropriately lascivious, the entering of sexual fantasy into a blood-and-guts world of animal surgery. Most probably won't notice it, so perhaps my sensitivity to the issue is shining through here.

Overall, I enjoyed the read. I read it in two days, an easy, curl up with your dog, sit by the fire type of read. I cried and laughed, so his voice was able to inspire empathy and me, at least. I love how he incorporated the dogs of now with the dogs of his past, all the many furry reasons why he chose to become an animal surgeon. He's sensitive about both the animals and people he encounter, and I think he paints a fair description of what being a veterinarian is about - working for people, working with animals. It's a lesson I learned after working at a veterinarian, and the primary reason why I ceased my ambitious dream of becoming one. Trout makes what being a veterinarian and, specifically, a surgeon real, giving readers access into a rather hectic, emotionally-draining, physically-numbing world.

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Kari in WeHo said...

i love this book. it was an entertaining read