Tuesday, December 22, 2009

coconut-using octopi, former fighting dog hugged, etc

The veined octopi are awesome because they use coconut shells as tools! The squid and cuttlefish are incredibly jealous of this feat.

Hector, one of 50 dogs rescued from Michael Vick's property in 2007 gets hugged on by some snot-nosed, hopefully adorable, little 3rd graders. DON'T GET SWINE FLU! Also, ignore comments, because they are stupid.

New Year's wish for Lucas County? Two new commissioners who don't want to kill puppies!

Pugs who ate dead owners adopted, new guardians eat a lot of cayenne to make their flesh unpalatable.

128-million-year-old turkey-sized poisonous raptor discovered. Says scientists, this news will "make a big splash". Love.

Chickens like to perch up high. Also discovered, dogs like to bark at squirrels.

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PoochesForPeace said...

I'm glad the pugs got out of that situation, that's really so random. That being said, if a pitbull ate his/her dead owners everyone would freak out and say "seeeeee, they ARE viscious!!!"