Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calgary Zoo Failure to Provide

After killing off 50 of its animals, the Calgary Zoo has decided to bring in a panel of outside experts. Well, it decided to bring in experts because of bad publicity, not because they think they've done anything wrong.

From the article, "The review comes as the zoo also revealed that another capybara died in the summer after being attacked by one of the other giant rodents."

Well, here's the thing. The Calgary Zoo had three capybaras. Now they have one. Two of the capybaras arrived in August from the Buffalo Zoo. The Calgary Zoo defied the odds and managed to kill 2/3 of the capybaras before 2010. 

Since 2004, two elephants, one Turkmenian Markhor goat, 41 cow-nosed rays, two capybaras (only one publicized), an unspecified number of gorillas, and at least one hippo have all died. Most since 2008. Since the Zoo neglected to mention the other capybara death, it seems plausible that other animals are dying without the public knowing.

The CEO of the zoo says this, "To continue their support for this institution, our community needs answers — no more accusations, no more allegations, no more irresponsible criticisms, but documented facts that will give them good reason to maintain their confidence in us."

Mr. Lanthier, I think the numbers speak for themselves. Accidents, horrible, awful things happen, but in an institution that bills itself as a world-class leader in animal stewardship...well, the accidents should be kept to a minimum. If 50 deaths in the past two years, many from human error, are the apex of zoo animal stewardship, that makes me cringe.


Speakinout said...

You really need to get your facts straight before making comments. The zoo has accepted responsibility publicly when human error was a factor. But any intelligent person cannot blame them for the death of animals due to cancer, viral disease, old age and illness. In the wild they would die earlier and be eaten - probably predated before they were even dead. There is still one capybara - you don't know what you are talking about.

Rinalia said...

Speakinout - comments here are moderated, no need to spam me with several identical comments, thanks.

Now, I'll happily retract the two dead capybara statement once you post a picture of the existing one - time-stamped. I love capybaras, so more pictures must be a good thing, yes? I know the media is notorious at mis-reporting, so the source news could have been wrong. But until I see the capybara, I'm not taking it down.

As to the rest of your comment, if you have other evidence, feel free to share. I have no interest in quelling the opposition, so go ahead and present me with the other side of the story. Facts and evidence on your part would be nice.

Anonymous said...

There were 3 capybaras initially; one never went on display to the public.

Rinalia said...

And so then there would be two capybaras remaining, yes? Or is there still just one?