Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from the DOGS

Mina is ambivalent about Christmas. She likes her stocking alright, but no way is she going to get out of bed for it. Celeste is the 5-yr-old kid who wants to get up at 1 am, then 4 am, then 7 am. But she's like that every day.

Mina embodies Tragic Heroine like no other. Pit bulls are, in my opinion, some of the most expressive dogs...mostly they are good at woe-based emoting. Evidence here:
They also have a very serious look. This is Mina's. It shows off her beautiful, perfectly symmetrical ears. Few dogs have such perfect ears. Mina is one of them. She wears her jingle-jangle collar proudly in this photo, ready to leap off the ottoman and chase after the scrub jay invading her lawn.
Queen of the Christmas jingles
Then there is Celeste. She has a perpetually confused-looking face. Perhaps she emerged from the womb this way, so shocked by the sudden turn events that the awed visage has remained.
But sometimes she throws down a serious stare, especially if there is a hint of food. Rustling of bags, movement toward the kitchen, even the mere thought of food will garner you this look from her. I'd like to blame her street-dog heritage, but really, she only lived on the streets for the first 7-8 weeks of her life. I know those are impressionable times, but come on Celeste, it isn't as if you are being starved. Yet.

Celeste is always wondering what Mina is up to and if it is something she should be up to as well. Like Mina here is playing with a strange, rubber basketball-like toy. Celeste hates this toy. But it becomes chic when Mina has it, it's in and cool. Celeste wants it bad.
Orange ball, please!

This is the only pictorial evidence you will EVER SEE in which Celeste and Mina are twintastic. Identical expressions, I have no idea why. No flash bulbs or shining objects blazing in front of them, just a moment in which both decided to squeeze shut their eyes and dip their heads forward, ever so slightly.

Mina & Celeste TWINS

So Happy Holidays from the dogs. They enjoyed their annual walk with "mom"(or minion if you're mina) and grandparents. They jangled the entire way, Mina in a lovely coat, Celeste with an extra red ribbon, jaunty and bright. Everyone found them amusing, except for two cattle dogs who found them ugly and evil, in their words anyways. Celeste made sure to convey her feelings on the matter, while Mina glared like no other, spearing daggers through their skulls. She managed to convey fifty-five million messages of 'DIE!'with that one look. Merry Christmas to me, for she remained quiet and serious, instead of dramatic and loud. The little things.

If you celebrate the holidays, may they be bright and full of love and compassion. If you don't, the message is still the same. Give your furry friends extra love, think of the unfortunate and neglected, spread a little joy in this world. Keep it going through the new year and beyond.


Daisy Dog said...

Merry Christmas!

Retrieverman said...

I spent Christmas with a Jack Russell and a golden retriever wrestling all over the living room floor.

Rinalia said...

Best way to spend Christmas, I'd say. :)

Kari in WeHo said...

i love that always confused look. Mesa wears it perfectly