Friday, January 29, 2010

Toledo - I can has constitutionality?

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. Instead, I'll just point you on over to KC Dog Blog's posts on this subject.

Toledo's dangerous dog law ruled unconstitutional (like isn't this the kajillionth time?)


Toledo stops putting hits out on Pit Bulls. Yeah, for reals. Lucas County used to get $100 for every pit bull they "confiscated" and summarily executed from Toledo. Go, team dog killer, go!

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Retrieverman said...

Due Process always gets these breed bans.

And violating Home Rule isn't that unusual, too.

A friend of mine lived in a small city in WV (the only kind of city we have), and the city passed an ordinance that a person could have only three dogs on their property. She had six dogs-- a Rottweiler, a beagle, and four Boston terriers, which some neighbors believed were pit bulls. Of course, the city had no law against pit bulls, but the neighbor just kept complaining. Animal control came to visit.

And they were going to issue a citation on being over the limit, but then the owner, through her friends in the law profession, discovered that (gasp) the state didn't give the city any authority to set a dog limit!