Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dogs in the News

A Ridiculously Small Canine was nearly snatched up by a red-tailed hawk in Connecticut. Everyone is shocked. I remember a red-tailed hawk snatching up one of the thousands of ground squirrels at the sanctuary. Ground squirrels, by the way, who weigh about 3 pounds due to their infatuation with chicken feed. He scooped the squirrel up. I perhaps reacted inappropriately by yelling bloody murder, which proved to be useless as the hawk flipped me the proverbial bird. Luck was on the squirrel's side when the hawk was attacked by two small black birds protecting their nest. Under assault, the hawk dropped the squirrel, who scurried off to hopefully not die of infection and perhaps learn to run away next time he sees a hawk fly above. Anyways, I'm not shocked a hawk would look at a 3.5 lb dog and think GROUND SQUIRREL or LUNCH.

A drug-sniffing dog discovered 68 marijuana plants after s/he fell through a camouflaged tarp and landed...on a school bus. The article neglects to mention how the dog is doing.

Silly New Yorkers practically brawled for 15 Chihuahuas flown in from California to the ASPCA. I love the bus driver who suggested they adopt a needy pit bull instead. Wanna bet that none of the remaining 135 dorks shivering in the cold who didn't get a Chihuahua didn't adopt another dog either? I don't, I know it's probably none. I remember when I was volunteering at a county shelter, we got in 10 miniature poodles. These were HUGE back then, I guess. I couldn't understand it, they were tiny, ridiculous and prone to eating you. No matter. We had sixty people show up and had to hold a lottery for the dogs. When all were placed, guess how many of the 50 adopted another, needy, small dog? ZERO. 

A Monterey County police canine has been killed after he was let out to potty, escaped from his yard, killed one dog and attacked another. I'm curious what the "previous incident" was and how "in light of it", why the dog needed to be killed. According to one article, the last incident involved "unexpected" behavior. Perhaps true, although I would point out that attacking other dogs is not generally unexpected behavior. Dogs get into fights.

You know the animal control officer in MIssissippi who shot 100 dogs to "reduce the number of dogs in the overcrowded shelter"? Yeah, turns out he shot more than 200. He used his county-issues service revolver to perform the shootings.


Kari in Alaska said...

isn't it gross when people show up for a group of rescued dogs and refuse to look at others if they all get adopted?

Unknown said...

Yes. And creepy too.

pibble said...

We also have ridiculously stupid people in CT. We're constantly telling people to watch their dogs and protect them from hawks, coyotes, bears... "What? Bears?" Yeah, and fisher cats and the Loch Ness Monster. We're outside of NYC, which happens to have coyotes in Central Park. Idiots. I don't know where they think they are, but they watch too much TV. (And why is the HS rep saying that it's odd for a hawk to grab a small dog? It's not odd behavior at all.)

Anyway, it's also not surprising that people don't stick around for other adoptables. I mean, why the glut of Chis in the first place, right? A petite pittie just won't do, even though it's not yappy and has much better manners...