Monday, January 11, 2010

Mauling tigers; starving giraffes and monkeys, oh my

It is illegal to own new Pit Bulls in Ontario, but please to be owning tigers. A "pet" tiger killed his owner because, well, he was a tiger and all. The same man's tigers attacked a 10-yr-old boy five years ago.

A monkey at a research facility starved to death. Had he lived, he would have died, perhaps as horribly through AIDs and neuro-science research. Perhaps not. Facility staff called it bothersome that the monkey died. Yes.

Two giraffes at the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre in Canada died because of poor nutrition and inadequate heating. This is because giraffes are not native to Canada, in case you were wondering.

Lubbock shelter employees euthanized animals without the proper certification. According to a zoonosis expert, it's silly that the shelter employees are being charged with anything, because after all, they kill animals every day and their skills aren't exactly rusty. Well, sorry zoonotic expert but a) it's the law and b) certification ensures the most up-to-date techniques are used.

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