Friday, January 22, 2010

Sanctuary on a rainy day

I really wish I had my cameras with me when the rain stopped. Nothing is quite so crisp and beautiful as a sky after a good storm. Here is a picture of when the rain was coming down pretty heavy. All that white you see is rain. Except for the cows, the animals were not amused.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. We get nice, lush, verdant green pastures in the winter. It could be worse. We could get snow. YUCK!

Rainy afternoon


Pibble said...

What a gorgeous place. I'll bet it's even nice in the yucky snow. :)

Retrieverman said...

I'll take the snow and cold any day.

It takes me maybe 3 days to get used to it, but once I do, I'd rather have it than the cold rain and the mud.

The worst months of the year aren't December, January, and February. The worst are March and April, when it doesn't snow much and it get very muddy. All you can look at is the grayness of the bare trees, which extend for miles in either direction. We don't have the big evergreen forests that exist in the Northwest. We just have copses of pines and spruce that occasionally break up the monotony of gray.

Of course, with climate change, then season of muddy darkness lasts a lot longer than it once did. That's why I like snow. Snow covers up the ugliness for just a little bit.

PoochesForPeace said...

Wow, it was raining pretty hard! But a beautiful place anyway.