Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dogs in the News

In the News

The Brew City Bully Club hopes to eliminate dog fighting in Milwaukee in 10 years. Best of luck.

Did he get mauled or didn't he? Los Angeles citizens heralded a firefighter who hoisted a drowning dog to safety as hero. While rescuing the wayward pup, he was bitten. Depending on which article you read, the guy nearly lost his arm or got bitten on the thumb once. I'll assume it was something in between. You can see the video here. It's clear the dog bites the man several times, hopefully all that extra padding significantly reduced the severity of the wounds. Good job to the firefighter for holding on despite the large, biting dog.

I'm baffled as to why these two dogs need to be killed because their guardians/owners allowed them to run loose in their unfenced backyard and they invariably attacked and killed some goats, sheep and a wild deer. In a responsible home, this type of occurrence would be far less likely to occur because the dogs would not be running loose.

South Carolina Lt. Governor has something to say about poverty and stray animals - Call Animal Control, We've Got Poverty Again


Retrieverman said...

I was reading the comments on the goat killing dogs article.

A common fallacy in the comments: Australian shepherds guard sheep.

No. They herd sheep, and herding is about one step down from hunting them.

The funny thing is the area where I live, which has a very strong culture of pack hounds, no one would see anything wrong with this. The dog owners would have to pay for the stock, but that's it. No criminal charges would ever be enforced because there is no leash law. The stock owners could always shoot the dogs if they caught them molesting their animals on their property, but free roaming dogs are the rule, not the exception.

I don't have a fence for my dog and never have. I live so far from any kind of improved road that you really don't need one. It's an unwritten rule that dogs are allowed to visit houses, and there are no problems.

BTW, the South Carolina Lt. Governor might be the dumbest politician to ever come from that state. And remember John C. Calhoun came from there, as does Joe Wilson, Argentina boy, and Senator Deminted.

Liz said...

I read on the LA Times that his hand was bit.

What I'm having trouble understanding is why the dog remains in "protective custody" for "rabies quarenteen". No mention if the man who saved the dog had to undergo Rabies Treatment.

So many holes in this story, there has got to be something we're not seeing.