Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegan Cadbury Eggs Arrive

When I was vegetarian, I loved Cadbury eggs. Their commercials were always way stupid, and they're using the same one now they did twenty years ago, but the chocolate, the sweet creamy goodness creepily made to look like an egg could I resist?

Then I abstained - to the best of my abilities -  from consuming any animal product, including dairy and eggs...including Cadbury eggs, oh my gosh it was so tragic.

The Queen took this picture.
But no more. This year, I bought some vegan creme eggs, aka Vegan Cadbury Eggs. They just arrived today after a two-day jaunt through the postal service.

These "eggs" were made for me, not in some ginormous warehouse or on some large, anonymous piece of equipment. They were made by etsy user Queenbalch, and if I was going to buy vegan cadbury eggs, I'd like their creator to be a Queen, so this is perfect.

I have had one already, of course, and plan on having a second asap. It is my belief that Cadbury eggs were meant to be consumed in couples.

Now all I care about in a good Cad-egg is a creamy innard that is full of sweetness. These are certainly sweet, although not as dripping gooey as the non-vegan alternative. But! I remember getting really annoyed at the original Cadbury eggs when they would like ooze all over my fingers and get in my hair and eyebrows and ears and stuff. Just kidding, that never happened, because hello! Cadbury eggs go straight in the mouth, peoples. But they would get sticky goo all over my fingers, which would remind of real eggs and eww, that is just gross. The Queen's eggs have the right amount of cream:goo factor that keeps the innards in the egg and thus IN MY MOUTH.

The chocolate is not too dark, because I don't really like dark chocolate. Some people do. It's not the milky chocolate, either, it's more of a semi-sweet deal. It mixed perfectly with the uber-sweet center.

So if you ever wanted to try vegan cadbury eggs and have $10 to spare, please order some today! Tell me if you like them or what! And if you don't, mail them to me!!

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