Saturday, April 2, 2011

Perfect Little Hen

Aurora is the tiniest hen chick. She shouldn't be, though. Aurora should be larger, but life didn't treat her so kindly. It started inside a home in Sacramento. The house was situated in a regular neighborhood. But the man who lived in the home was not so normal. He loved chickens...too much. And his love did not translate into a great life for the birds, who lived amidst their own feces, were over-breeding, and who faced deadly dangers from feral cats, rats and hawks.

Many of Aurora's siblings died from preventable diseases acquired at the hoarder's home. She was abandoned by her mom. When she finally found a new friend in Bertha, the best hen to have ever graced the sanctuary grounds, their bond was cut short when Bertha, plagued by painful arthritis and an unknown illness, died. Aurora mourns Bertha in a simple way - she perches on the same spot every night where she and Bertha shared warmth. She does this despite pecks from other hens and despite the fact the perch is a little higher than she prefers.

We want Aurora to be happy. It is always hard to watch a wonderful creature struggle to find her place. The other chickens are not keen on being friends with Aurora, but this has not stopped her from trying to be friends with them.

Lately Aurora has chosen to hang out with Lavender, a hen rescued from an egg farm (who would have been slaughtered at the young age of 2). Aurora loves to emulate Lavender.

Aurora Looking At You

Aurora and Friend

Aurora Likes to Copy

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