Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chloe Has Fled the Nest

Sweet, sensitive Chloe went to her new home today. She was excited and happy to go. This is such a far cry from the clingy, needy puppy I met a month and a half ago. With only a little effort on my part, Chloe has transformed into a confident, people-social puppy instead of a one-person velcro dog.

This parting was hard. I felt my heart crack a little when she trotted happily out the door. It's amazing how dogs can touch in such small but profound ways.

The household is calmer and more comfortable. Mina is back to her normal self, no longer cowed by a puppy with teeth. Celeste is happiest when it's just me and Mina.

I'm going to give myself time off until the next foster dog. But I will keep fostering. Chloe would have died, and if I can save the life of just one dog, I'll do it. As I continue to reiterate, fostering is selfish selflessness. I love that dichotomy.

I wish you the best, dear Chloe. You made me a kinder, more tolerant person. Have a good, long life.


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