Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shelters Doing Good

Things shelters or rescues are doing that other animal agencies could replicate! Some may be obvious, others may not. There is no reason to kill medically healthy animals, and these are some ways to reduce kill rates.

Sometimes the ideas are repeated. It takes seeing them at least three times for them to start having a sticking effect.

Ask the community for help: The Durham Humane Society loves their new shelter but needs some help with the upkeep costs. So they are asking the community to participate in making the shelter last longer.

Reduce shelter fees and hold adoption events off-site: The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach did both! They hosted an adopt-a-thon at a Sam's Club and cut the prices of adoption down!

Go with a theme: Okay, so they didn't actually do it but the Humane Society of the Black Hills SHOULD have marketed their half-price on adoptions as a way to be Green this St. Patrick's Day. Not that I celebrate, but the shelter is on St. Patrick's street so it seemed like an easy in.

Promote adoptable animals through local media: The Rome Humane Society encourages folks to adopt Rusty, an adorbs senior Dobie who is a big lug and whose adoption fee is cheaper but not because Rusty isn't full of very expensive love. He is. Which is why you should adopt him. Most papers will happily post about a needy dog or cat at your shelter.

Other ideas

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