Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rooster on the Lam Takes Five Animal Control Vans to Catch

Happy Couple
All your trees belong to us! Not the actual rooster.
Oh geez, imagine if every animal control in the country put as much effort into saving the lives of dogs and cats as Okaloosa County Animal Services did in capturing one stray rooster.

They used five animal control vehicles to try and corral the wayward bird. In 20 minutes one officer had him captured. But it took like five months for them to even get out there and catch him.

Now, if anyone knows chickens, they know the best time to try and catch them is at dusk or night, when they are roosting. Chickens have HORRIBLE night vision. Trust me, I know this, having spent several nights in my past rounding up chickens from a cockfighting operation and a hoarding situation. You don't try and catch chickens when they're up and spunky. That's silliness.

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