Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Mention of Breed in Article on an AKC German Shepherd Dog Attack

PK Shepherds photo, Rita at 6-mos-old
Take this story out of Middletown, Connecticut in which a man's dog keeps eating people! Just kidding, she doesn't eat anyone. She does maul another dog severely, then bites the animal control officer investigating the attack. The dog, Rita, already was supposed to be under strict control after she bit a woman in the leg, causing serious wounds.

There are no details in the article about how the dog attack on the other animal and the human occurred.

There are no details in the article on the breed of dog. But it was easy to figure out with a little google-fu.

Rita, an AKC conformation German Shepherd was killed.

At least one person immediately assumes,

"" That happened in my neighborhood, and they are Pit Bulls, mean nasty ones too!!! I've personally seen 3 pit bulls in his yard, but I think two of them were one of his friends dogs."

Several other comments clear up the situation - the dog was a German Shepherd.

Indeed, she was. In fact, the owner of the dog breeds German Shepherds.

Apparently all the dogs he owns have some sort of behavioral problem, if the comments are to be taken at face value. They have to be somewhat manageable, since they are taken to conformation events and generally it is unacceptable for dogs to be eating people then.

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