Friday, April 8, 2011

Chloe Has Suitors

Before that news, a picture.

And why is Chloe wet? While I was showering, a little black-nosed puppy poked the door. I slipped it open, thinking no dog in her sane mind would just waltz right in. Thus an insane puppy pranced into the shower, lapping up the water, and soaking up the spritz coming from the shower head. I had to shove her out. Miffed, she rammed the door with her nose and huffed off.

Back to the title, Chloe - after more than a month of NO ONE interested in her - now has potential adopters up the wazoo. Two are meeting her on Sunday.

One woman can take Chloe to work. Weird thing is her last dog, who passed away in February, was also named Chloe and oh my gosh, please to not be trying to replace past dog with a new dog because she has the same name. I don't believe that is the case, because Chloe is super-awesome-adorbs and who wouldn't want to adopt a dog who jumps into the shower with you? Silly people, that's who. I like this adopter on paper a lot, because Chloe would get to go to work, interact with kids on a daily basis, and also get much-needed adult people socialization.

The second woman has a room-mate, so Chloe would always have someone around. She works 8 hours a day, though, so it sounds like it would be incumbent on the room-mate to commit to helping with Chloe. But she wants Chloe to snorgle in bed and Chloe has missed out on that due to my two miscreant canines not wanting to share the bed. She likes Pit Bulls and dislikes Malteses, so that's cool. Just kidding, I lurve me some tear-stained Maltese action jackson.

Chloe needs someone who understands dogs aren't perfect, that even 6-mos-old puppies have issues that need management and modification. Chloe needs someone who answers her nose bop at the shower door with a "come on in!" and who is ever so patient with the evening ritual of Run Away From You So I Do Not Have to Go to Bed Game. Even cookies don't always win her over.

And someone who wouldn't mind me visiting Chloe every now and then would be nice.

Hey, Chloe has suitors! Sing a song of praise that one of them is the perfect guardian for the Chloe-meister.

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