Monday, April 11, 2011

Mina is Cute, Tell Her She is Awesome Too!

That is pretty darn cute. You just have to ignore Celeste's SHE IS TOUCHING ME look. Mina dreams of these days, when she can rest touching with Celeste. I'm glad to see Celeste is finally accepting of Mina's Awesomeness.

Speaking of Mina, she has lumps. Some are regular "Old Lady Lumps" and some might not be. True to her  FIRE IN THE THEATER mentality, the vet was all "Yeah, they may be squamous cell carcinoma, or they may not..." which just sounds like "CANCER is eating your dog alive".

Now every time Mina acts off, I think she is dying of cancer. How lame is that? Even sadder is that I don't want to verbalize any of this, because I have the irrational fear that once you speak something aloud, it becomes a reality. So no cancer comments. All comments must be about how Amazingly Cool Mina is.

Next month, Mina is getting her "smooth bumps" removed. These are potentially malignant tumors that make you think they're nothing, but really their tendrils of evil are infiltrating your dog's body. They are nothing. That's what I tell myself. I go to sleep at night believing they are benign little buggers. I wake up thinking Mina's got the big C. I do not like waking up like that.

Think nice thoughts for Mina. I am being melodramatic, I know. Anything to do with Mina inspires a bit of extremism on my part.

Because seriously, she's a freaking ninja and will shuriken those cancer cells like whoa. Or something like that:

I am a sad ninja pit bull

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