Friday, February 17, 2012

A lame law in Hays County you can now oppose

the owner of a dog that is known to have attacked sheep, goats, calves, or other domestic animals or fowls shall kill the dog.  A Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, constable, police officer or magistrate may enter the premises of the owner of the dog if the owner fails to do so”.

Legislative wording, so important. Whoever created this law must have really disliked dogs. If only they had switched shall for may, all would have been fine with the world. May means may not. Same is not true for shall - that's a legal mandate, yo.

And it is totally stupid. 

Two dogs were killed for killing twelve chickens. One dog had been abandoned, the other has a current guardian. Had, I guess, because he's dead. The guardians of the dogs should be held responsible, and the law should permit leniency. 

You can find contact information for the commissioners here. I think it's a hoot they "hold court".

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