Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celeste's Fear of Laminate and Wood Floors

This one is all my fault.

I have had Celeste since she was 8-weeks-old. It had been a long time since a puppy was in my life. So I worked really hard to expose her to all sorts of people and situations.

Today, Celeste is a people-slut. She is the dog who would get loose and run happily up to the first person she saw, entire body exuding joy.

But I failed with different flooring surfaces. Seeing her try to walk on wood floors or laminated floors is comically painful.

Several dog training classes and desensitization attempts have yet to work.

I was using paw pads that adhere to the pad of the foot during training. These helped a little, but Celeste would chew them off when we would get home. They're not cheap, and I'm not going to  invest hundreds of dollars annually for her foot problem.

So I am considering these.

I want to enroll Celeste in a rally class, because she really loves having a class where it's just me and her. It also exposes her to other dogs in a safe, controlled manner. Plus, she is so smart that I think it would be good for her brain.

I'm not doing paw pads, so I'm thinking specialized dog booties would be best.

I need ones that will grip on any surface, which is why I like the Ruff Wear tread. But any other thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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