Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Happy Pig

I was watching this video and it was so fucking depressing. It's all standard practice crap on farms and I wish more people gave a damn about farmed animals and just stopped eating them.

So it was nice to spend time with our most recently rescued pig as she was introduced to the rest of the sounder (herd) for the first time. She was exploited at a research facility where she never saw sunlight or another pig. Her life was a 10x10 concrete kennel. It's hard to fathom why she is so trusting of humans, but she is.

Tiffany is her name. Sweetness is her game. The introduction went beautifully because Tiffany is a gentle soul. Pigs are social creatures, but they also have shifting rules when it comes to hierarchy. The way her introduction went indicates she will most likely be a happily low-ranking adult pig.

Here she is pretending not to notice Benjamin in the background.

Tiffany Out in the Pasture

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