Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just for Fun

These are quotes from a woman who is angry that a rabbit rescue posted photos of her friend's rabbitry.

She is a member or president or founding mother of an organization that wants to protect rabbit breeders who have been accused of stuff. Seriously, it says that in their profile.

But I am not going to give their name out, because I don't think they deserve any more web traffic. It's how I roll. If you have mad google-fu prowess, you'll figure it out.

What I want you to think about, though, is how you would react to a public relations issue as president or representative of your organization, be it non-profit or for-profit. Think hard. Are these things you would say to your supporters? The media? Your board? Your top donors?

To me, these quotes are great examples of how not to react to any perceived or actual crisis situation. Take heed and learn!

What not to do: Insult your entire audience.

"How dumb is the general public? I mean, daily we hear these things coming of rescues like "Help! I need help! I rescued 100 bunnies from a breeder, and I only have room for four and I have not enough feed or hay, and the bunnies are getting diarrhea! Please help". And what happens? Who knows? I know some of them get shunted around the country to other rescues who then yell "Help, somebody please help! we just took in fifty bunnies and we only have room for four...". I mean, what kind of a nutcase, a complete fruitcake, takes in 100 bunnies when they only have enough room and food for four? Rescue? Really? Is the public that dumb?"

What not to do: Ruin your position by calling your opponents names. 

"What we believe happened here with the bimbos...."

What not to do: Tell people not to adopt needy animals, because you don't like rabbitry photos being displayed on random internet blogs

"If you are in the neighborhood on February 19, which is a Saturday, the adoptathon will be at the REDACTED. Those so inclined please drop in and steer any good hearted person away from making a serious mistake in supporting this dishonest organization."
You'd probably get fired or your mouth forcibly taped shut if you acted this way on behalf of your organization.

Now on a personal blog, if you act like a rude punk...well, you're entitled. I don't always mince words. But when you claim to be a representative of a company or non-profit organization, your argument loses standing when you act a fool. You make your organization appear angry in a very bad way.

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