Friday, February 17, 2012

It's not fair for a dog not to have a home

From the mouths of babes, folks!

When a Pit Bull strayed upon the school grounds of Mound Elementary school in Ventura, he picked the right spot! 

They named the dog Chauncy. A teacher attempted to find the dog his home but was unable to. She drove him to the local animal control shelter.

Now in a healthy animal shelter world, dropping a stray dog off at the local animal shelter should be a good thing. In our dysfunctional animal shelter world, though, dogs like Chauncy are killed. Not because Chauncy is a bad dog or aggressive dog or medically untreatable dog.

Somehow Chauncy survived five weeks at the animal control agency. He wasn't killed like 800+ Pit Bull type dogs were last year. But when the kids heard he might be killed, they took action.

Okay, let me just say this: These kids are kick-ass. There should have been no need for them to be kick-ass, though. Chauncy should never have faced death, period, nor should he have needed 10-yr-olds to champion his cause and save his life.

And you know why Chauncy should be alive?

"I didn't think it was fair for him to be put down to sleep," said Brendan, 10. "It's not fair for a dog to not have a home."

True that, Brendan. 

Chauncy is safe and sound now, because a bunch of kids raised money for him. That's ridiculous, but awesome. Ridiculous because they should not have had to. Awesome because kids rule.

And so does Chauncy. 

David Yamamoto, Special to The Star

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