Monday, February 6, 2012

Aiden's Shadow

Aiden and Little Carmen

Aiden is a ridiculous sheep. True story: Several years ago, Aiden was running down the hill so fast that he barreled right between my legs and I rode him for 10 feet before he realized a person was on his back. And then he was all WHAT THE HELL WOMAN. And I was all WHAT THE HELL AIDEN. Then we were friends again.

Aiden is a bummer lamb. On sheep farms, ewes may give birth to 2-3 lambs. They often can only care for one and will abandon the others. The farmer left the lamb in a field to die. Aiden was picked up by a passer-by who saw a bedraggled lamb out in the wide open during a thunderstorm. He suffered from pneumonia and took a long time to recover. He lived in the offices for awhile. He acts more like a dog than a sheep.

Carmen is the little tyke shadowing Aiden. She's a Barbados sheep, who have hair instead of wool. She has three legs because some idiot refused to treat her broken leg for two weeks and the limb died. She's hardcore cute.

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