Friday, May 27, 2011

Results from My Anonymous Poll

You can still vote, if you want.

So, from my highly scientific survey, this is what I learned about you, my dear, amazing, wonderful readers:

15% of you are vegan, which is like 15 times more than the national average, go team!
14% of you are vegetarian.

17% of you were all OHMYGODMARJISTOPIT and I am here to say, no!

70% of you do consume animal products.

I wanted to know this so that when I do write about animal protection issues, I can frame my ideas better. It is a good, healthy challenge for me. Animal protection issues are important to me, and I want to write about them and share my passion with you as well. But I don't want you to feel helpless or hurt or judged. That helps no one. Sometimes I will fail at this, but I will try my best not to.

This blog has morphed into something I am proud of and love. In the past year, you have helped this blog's readership grow by sharing my posts on facebook or through email or, most appreciative of all, by just leaving a comment. I can't thank you enough, as I never thought this blog would take off in the way I wanted.

It will continue to have its ups and downs, but I am pleased with it. So, thanks, yo.

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