Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Better News, Celeste Has Graduated Training Class

Mina's surgery happened to fall on the same day as Celeste's last training class, but we still got a certificate and an invitation to continue on to the intermediate/CGC training class!

I was taking Celeste to training, not because she needs to learn how to sit or walk on a lead nicely (okay, sometimes she does!) but because she is anxious around other dogs and also hates wooden floors...both of which would be at the class!

By the end of six weeks, Celeste would even let a few of the calmer dogs sniff her butt, and she'd reciprocate. She started to get more comfortable on the wooden floor, to the point we could be off our mats and circling the large room without too much fanfare.

Celeste is a bright dog. I love this about her. Training has also meant spending more time with her, giving her and our relationship more of my undivided attention.

I learned that with Celeste it's all about food. She is a food whore to the 10th degree. This makes convincing her wooden floors are divine a whole lot easier. Just toss a Zukes peanut butter training treat a few feet ahead of her and bam! she's on it. Of course, this also made the "leave the treat alone" exercise a little more challenging for her.

I learned that Celeste is calmed greatly by the Anxiety Wrap which she now wears when she comes to work with me and Mina.

I learn that Celeste is also very sensitive to me and my moods, so I have to be very upbeat and confident when working with her. Otherwise, she sort of falls apart.

The training was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the intermediate class. I hope Celeste does too, in her little canine way.

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