Monday, May 23, 2011

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Dog Bites
  • A police dog attacked another officer during a training session, causing severe bite wounds to the man's arm. But it's okay because according to one of the officers, it's super common for folks to get bit during training. 
  • A Lodi police dog attacked a boy after the boy and his mom received permission to meet the dog. The kid needed multiple stitches to his arm to close the wound. Police are self-investigating.
  • Police in the UK aren't taking a page from their "How to deal with a Pit Bull' handbook (read: Shoot first, ask questions later) when it comes to one German Shepherd. The dog has tried to attack multiple people and caused serious wounds to a young boy. But no one seems to mind, because hey it's not a 'devil dog'!
  • An individual in the UK seems to think letting their Irish Wolfhound and Staffordshire Bull Terrier run loose is a-okay. And authorities don't seem to be doing too much to stop them! The dogs have attacked two people, so far. But hey, at least Pit Bulls are banned! 
  • A Labrador Retriever/Mastiff cross bit a girl in the face in northern California. The wound was small, but deep, according to authorities. 
  • A Labrador Retriever cross' guardians are getting a third chance to properly confine their dog after he has escaped multiple times (failure of their electric fence), attacked one person, attempted to attack another person, and attacked another dog.
  • A German Shepherd cross will most likely be killed after attacking a 5-yr-old girl, severing part of her ear. The dog has a history of biting people. 
  • In Haverhill, Massachusetts, the owners of two German Shepherds who put two women in the hospital received a $50 fine. Nothing deters irresponsible dog guardianship like a $50 fine! The women were bitten multiple times while they tried to keep the dogs away from a child in a baby stroller. 
  • A Labrador Retriever got "irritated" at a little girl and proceeded to bite her multiple times when the child tried to play with the dog's toys. Interesting choice of words.
  • A Golden Retriever in Alberta, Canada bit a boy on the leg, tearing a quarter-sized chunk out of his leg.
  • A woman walking her Shih-Tsu was attacked by an off-lead Boxer. The dog severely mauled the smaller one and bit the woman several times, eventually knocking her down a ditch. In a classic "I am a jerk" move, the owner of the dog showed up, ignored the woman's screams for help as she lay bleeding in the dirt, and drove off. No call to police. No locking the dog in the car and rushing over to see if the woman laying in the ditch screaming was okay. Nada. Nice. Sadly, the smaller dog died.
  • Duke, the Rhodesian Ridgeback with a history of biting people has been killed after his idiot guardian failed to properly confine his dog. Duke ripped off a little girl's ear and earlier this year attacked another kid.
  • A loose large and small dog killed several sheep in Australia.
  • A St. Bernard mix jumped over a fence and began attacking the neighbor's child, biting him multiple times.Another neighbor's dog, a German Shepherd, began barking frantically, which apparently frightened the dog off.
  • A Border Collie apparently trying to catch a tennis ball in the same vicinity of a girl's face, latched onto the girl, causing facial wounds.
  • A Bull-Mastiff/Border Collie cross was left alone to play with a young child. At some point, the dog began attacking the girl, biting her in the face.
  • Two Huskies in Pennsylvania got loose after their electronic collars failed. They attacked sheep. Everyone is concerned the farmer will lose money while no one appears to be all that concerned about the sheep, the actual victims of the dog attack.
  •  A large German Shepherd mix was nearly killed after an on-lead Husky attacked him. The attacking dog left a foot long flap of skin hanging from the Shepherd's neck. It took several minutes to get the Husky to release the other dog's neck. Clearly banning Pit Bulls have stopped severe dog-dog attacks in the UK!
  • A dog described as a German Shepherd cross (but looking nothing like one) bit a kid who jumped into his backyard trying to retriever a boomerang.
  • Everyone in the comments is happily blaming a little boy for having the AUDACITY to trip and fall near the fence line of an aggressive Great Dane. It is his fault the dog tore down the fence and proceeded to attack the boy, biting him multiple times!
  • A Dalmatian in Iceland tore free from his leash and began to bite a postal worker several times, knocking her down and causing her to break her leg as well.

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