Monday, May 2, 2011

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Dog Bites
  • A loose Jack Russell mix in the UK (Pit Bulls banned) attacked a young girl who was trying to protect her own Spaniel from the dog. The child may require plastic surgery for wounds to her face.
  • I wonder if the folks in this article, also from the UK, would feel differently if they read about the Jack Russell Terrier above. They think it's super-duper silly that the postal service has suspended services because of a JRT who gets loose and tries to attack people. It's SO FUNNY when a dog "smaller than a cat" acts like that!!! I'm sure the girl above with tooth marks in her face thought it was funny ha-ha too!
Ha, I bet the folks above think this story out of the UK is super funny too in which a Jack Russell Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier attacked and harrassed sheep. The JRT was physically hanging off of the sheep. One of the pregnant ewes collapsed. The farmer is now threatening to shoot any dog who harasses her sheep. And the owner of the dogs? They swore at the farmer and didn't seem to care about the damage they were causing. HILARITY!

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