Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vicious Dog Attacks Rare

I give a big fat A for effort to the Wausau Daily Herald and their article about Pit Bulls and dog attacks being a rare occurrence in the area.

A quibble:

In both recent Wausau incidents, the dogs involved were pit bull mixes

One dog was a Labrador-Pit Bull mix. Why not call him a Lab mix? Or, better yet, why not call them both "mixed breeds"? Their breed is far less salient than their behavior.

Language is important and how we choose to label a person, place or thing can affect our initial perception of that person, place or thing.

The Lab-Pit Bull mix might have elicited more of a public outcry if he had been labeled Lab mix. The dog's bite did not break the skin and it appears he may have been trying to erroneously protect his owner during a dispute. That he mis-aimed and nipped a police officer ended poorly after the officer shot him (he survived). Add Pit Bull, though, and well, it's just more fodder for the anti-dog zealots. It's expected, almost, that a Pit Bull would bite someone and so the officer was more than justified in shooting a dog for nipping.

Still, like I said, A for effort and for not going along with the media status quo when it comes to Pit Bulls.

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Journalists are much more likely to cover positive stories when they are praised. Positive reinforcement works with humans too!

Also, that dog pictured in the article? She's totally available for adoption. Her name is Prima. She has a pink-nose. You may be surprised to learn I feel pink-nosed Pit Bulls are the absolute best. Talk about judging a dog by their physical appearance, right? I am not ashamed.


Princess said...

I fully agree pink is the best!! ;o)

Kaelin said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm from right near Wausau, so I shared this article on my facebook, so that other Central Wisconsin-ers can see it. I don't typically read the WDH, so I really appreciate you posting new items on your blog so I can check them out. Thanks again! (And cheers for pink-nosed pibs.)