Monday, February 22, 2010

Pit Bull Attack Has Owner, Humane Society At Odds

A man believes a dog he has never seen is guilty of attacking his dog. 

He claims to have filed an animal control report, while the shelter claims they have not received such a report. By law, unless a report is filed, random people off the street cannot just waltz into the shelter, point at a dog, and accuse her of biting another dog. He is annoyed the law is not shaped to suit his wants. The law works in mysterious ways, I know (sarcasm).

The best part are the comments.

Even though no one knows that the dog at the shelter is the aggressor or not, everyone is getting their undies in a twist, demanding the dog be killed and that they will never adopt from this shelter ever in a million years. People hear "Pit Bull" and they become irrational idiots.

Everyone is, in fact, an expert about this dog. They go so far as to claim that she must be dog aggressive and thus human aggressive and thus she should be killed.

Nevermind that there is no evidence she bit any dog. Evidence? That is crazy talk.


YesBiscuit! said...

Wonderful! Can we start walking into jails and pointing at black people we've never seen before to indicate they robbed us because - well, you know, they COULDA!

Pibble said...

Argh. Not that anyone wants their dog to be attacked, ever, but this guy's a little over the top, isn't he? If it were a Lab that attacked his dog, do you think he'd be pointing at Labs in shelters right now? I think not.

And dog/dog aggression isn't indicative of dog/people aggression, but he's not going to hear that argument, either.

Rinalia said...

@YesBiscuit: I'm always sensitive about comparing humans to dogs, but the comments and the man's argument - had they applied to people - would be racist. The comments really remind me of the vitriol one can find in the comment section of articles about Mexicans or other people of color.

@Pibble: Definitely a more extreme reaction than the actual attack warrants, I think.

kissa-bull said...

when will it end
this racism againts pitbulls
i mean , cause thats what it is!
poor pibble stuck in that shelter
it breaks my heart

PBOforlife said...

What's really interesting about this story is that the owner of the dog attacked has not filed a report with animal control as requested. I live in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, so heard about this on a local station. Something is not adding up. What's really interesting is no one has heard a word from the guy who apparently helped stop the attack. Definitely not normal in a "pitbull attack". Just makes for more questions than answers.

YesBiscuit! said...

Bias against Pitbulls is often the exact same sentiment as racism (and in some cases, is actually fueled by it). I draw the comparison to humans to point out how utterly ridiculous the "logic" sounds because apparently, to some anyway, it doesn't sound ridiculous when the guy does it to a Pitbull.