Monday, February 15, 2010

Mina Goes to the Vet

The Drive
It's President's Day in the US today - it's also my normal weekend (Sun/Mon). I really should have thought it through when I decided to take Mina to the vet today.

Right about when I was heading out to Davis from Vacaville, several drivers asked themselves, "How can I make life difficult for first responders while also making it more convenient?" So, ten drivers decided to pile drive each other on both sides of the highway, about a mile apart from each other, making it really easy for the fire department to access each crash site.

What normally takes me 30 minutes, took 50.

I called the vet and let them know I would be late. Which turned out didn't matter (learn more below).

Late and annoyed with all other drivers, even myself, Mina and I arrived ready to get this appointment done and over with.

As I opened the door to the vet, I noticed a large German Shepherd lying down while his owner/guardian was paying the final bill. I'm used to Mina's leash reactivity and am also used to the embarrassing whine-fest that ensues when she sees another dog. I manage it and smile at everyone and all is well.

Except I didn't even get to enter the vet's office. For a brief second, I chuckled as the dog heaved himself up, it was so comical. That is, until he screamed out a battle cry, and began charging us. Just as I was about ready to slam the door, the woman notices her dog's imminent attack and presses the button to stop the flexi-lead.

That's right folks, this woman had a dog-aggressive (or perhaps just Mina-aggressive), 90lb dog on a flexi-lead at a vet hospital. By pure luck, she was able to stop her dog.

We waited outside until that particular bill was paid and the dog left (yelling at Mina the whole time, even though we hid behind a column).

The Wait
So, we get in, watch two dogs leave with lamp shades and wait for a room. Mina gets her weight on (40lbs on the dot) and then we get our wait on. Tick-tock goes the clock. Mina paces and sniffs and whines and sniffs and hopes that maybe the dog outside will come in for a) play or b) a scrap. We wait ten minutes for a tech to show up and violate Mina's rectum (I should add, Mina kisses the tech and wags her tail the whole time, so it is really only me who feels Mina's violation). And then we wait for the vet.

We wait 30 minutes before the vet finally comes in....because on President's Day, the Animal Wellness Center double and triple books their vets. For reals, that's crazy.

The Exam
Mina likes Dr. Dailey. Like a lot. She's all wagging tail and tongue-in-mouth kissing the vet. It's embarrassing and endearing all at the same time.

I show her the hair loss and COMMENTING PEOPLE, you were right - she immediately thinks endocrine and thyroid. One T4 blood test coming up.

She does notice that Mina has a weird lump and two benign tumors along with a hemangio blister (sunscreen on belly forever and ever to try and avoid adding a sarcoma to that).

Vet also says Mina's super sexy cute and at a perfectly awesome weight. She doesn't say sexy.

My favorite part: After the physical exam, as the vet is writing up her thoughts and observations, Mina's staring intently at her. She lets out a big, heaving, snorty-sigh that Pit Bull guardians always love and appreciate. Dr. Daly looks down. Mina looks up. I feel there should be a buzzing sound to accompany Mina's stare. Ah, the vet says, the cookie look. Two cookies later and Mina forgives the oversight.

The Blood Test
Tech comes back in to take Mina to the back for a blood test. I always tell them Mina's dog reactive and it never ceases to amaze them that I would tell them that. They practically give me hugs for letting them know.

But I know nothing happens b/c Mina is all quiet and all I hear are the techs cooing over her. Mina endures torture with great aplomb.

Famous last words: The tech says the test will take ten minutes.

I bust out the book in my purse and begin to read. It's good stuff. I get lost. And realize 40 minutes have passed. Enough is enough, I say to myself. Mina is all, enough was about 35 minutes ago, idiot human.

I pay my bill and ask them to have the vet call me....which she does when I'm in the parking lot, putting Mina in her seat belt.

The Diagnosis
Thyroid very low, double dose, re-check in a month.

When Mina and I got home, I let Celeste out of the crate. She was all OH MY GODS, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN DEAR SISTER OF MINE, YOU STINK! and Mina was all, Sniff my ear one more time and I will eat your nose. I was nomming on vegetarian Chinese food I picked up.

So that is that. Mina went to the vet. She got cookies. I got a headache but scored on Chinese food.


Pibble said...

[Sigh of relief.] I'm very happy that it's "only" thyroid!

And, flexi-leads should be outlawed. Period.

Hugs to the girls!

Jennie said...

Phew. Thyroid is better than strange mystery illness.

Becoming a Pit foster mom has made me VERY over sensitive to other people's badly behaved dogs, especially when said other people refuse to recognize the problem or take the steps to correct it. High five for Mina for handling all that with aplomb. We took our current foster to dog party/adoption event this weekend where there were TONS of other dogs. Kensey is dog selective, but not leash reactive, and basically just stays by your leg - until someone lets their dog run up and jump on her face, in which case she growls and we block the other dog.

Anyway, there was a woman there with two Shep mixes twice her size, and this woman did not understand that her dogs were causing a lot of trouble. They were starting lots of scuffles, and instead of removing them from the dogs they were harassing, she just let them stay in the area. When I finally asked her to try and keep them away from Kensey (nicely), I got the dirtiest look ever. At least they weren't on flexi-leads ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel your pain. Add Toenail clipping, after being muzzled because he mouths when his toes are messed with, to the ordeal.

Yet Quizz left with grins, kisses to other dogs, kisses and but-wiggles to the vet, vet techs. And last but not least, Bubba the lobby cat, whacking Quizz on the nose for just being a dog.

And on top of that for some reason my car loving dog has developed an aversion to getting into the back seat of the car.

We were both happy to get home, where his cat promptly engaged him in a tussle.

Leila, tired mama of Quizz

Janet Johnson said...

Nothing is more stupid than a flexi-lead!!

Daisy Dog said...

Oh thankee thats it thyroid. I had a terroist wit it and it was manged nicely with meds and routine blood tests. I like you and very alert of other dogs in any enviroments becaue Daisty too is dog reacive sometimes. ***HI MINA** on and **CELESTE TOO!**

HP said...

I just came across your blog today - I'm in vet school and finding whatever distractions I can from studying! Mina's (and your) story about the vet made me laugh out loud. She sounds adorable (as does Celeste) and exactly like my pit bull, Ben. When I saw the pictures of her sleeping, it reminded me so much of my boy because his favorite past time is sleeping on the bed... and we have the same bedspread (very random). Thanks for the distraction and I look forward to more about your girls!

Rinalia said...

@HP: Hey congrats on continuing to survive vet school. A couple friends just got accepted, one at Western in CA and the other at Colorado. Stressful barely encompasses what is ahead for them!

Pit Bulls are very good at sleeping. It's an innate talent. ;)