Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Can We Insert Pit Bull Into This Article

The title: "Dogs Attack Several People..."

The URL:,0,5545275.story?page=1

The Dogs:

This one is Rocky and is only referred to as "the brown dog":
and this one is referred to as "small, white dog" and a "true pit bull":

The Story:
Two dogs being walked by their owners. Somehow, the dogs break free and, according to the news story, go on a two-county rampage...all the while dragging their leashes, wearing collars and tags.

First, they encounter a Good Samaritan who did not want to run the dogs over. As she returned to her car to call the number on the collar, the brown dog attacked her coat. When she turned around, he bit her once on the face. The white dog? Just stood there.

Second, they encounter a woman shoveling snow. They approach and the brown dog bites the woman's arm. The white dog? Just stood there. The brown dog needed to be wrestled to the ground, biting the rescuer in the process. The white dog? Someone just picked up his/her leash because, s/he was, you know, just standing there.

So why the "two dogs go on a two-county rampage"? Only one dog bit anybody. One. And it was the aptly described "brown dog". The "true pit bull" didn't anything of great importance, but please put "pitbull" in the URL and insert "pit bull" into the article somehow, some way. Gotta get those ratings up, yo.

I really hope the white dog - who looks like a muttskie - goes back to his/her owner. The dog has not shown any signs of aggression at the shelter and didn't bite anybody. S/he has a collar and tag on and should be reunited with his/her owner asap. The brown dog? Passive-aggressive fear biting dog either needs to be returned to his owner with strict training requirements or needs to find a new home who can work with his behavior (if reasonable efforts at modifying his behavior and re-homing are made and fail, then yes, I think he should be killed).


Maureen said...

Here's a change of pace. A local story about a young man who saved his pit bull from a mountain lion attack. This guy is a total hero!

There is a video on the story page. It's great!

Pibble said...

Did I notice "Fox" in the URL? That could explain part of it. The rest you've already explained: Media, ratings, sensationalism.

Poor white dog; I hope s/he makes it home. Brown dog needs an evaluation and since s/he is wearing tags, there seems to be a potential owner to bring into the picture.

Have to wonder how two dogs got away with leashes on, but that's another story.

Rinalia said...

@Maureen: Turns out the mountain lion was a raccoon! I'm not sure how one confuses the two but hey, raccoons are NOTHING to mess with, they'll tear you up!